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  • If You Were God (eBook) If You Were God (eBook) Find and fulfill your life assignment. Reconnect with God's plan for your life. ($7.99)
  • Dressed To Kill (eBook) Dressed To Kill (eBook) You have spiritual armor that is equipped to withstand the onslaughts of the enemy. ($9.99)
  • Dream Thieves (eBook) Dream Thieves (eBook) Expose the thieves. Reveal the strategies. Ensure the fulfillment of your dream. ($9.99)
  • God-Given Dreams (eBook) God-Given Dreams (eBook) It's time to move from the realm of dreams to the realm of reality! ($3.99)
  • Promotion! (eBook) Promotion! (eBook) Ten guidelines to determine if you are ready for your promotion. ($7.99)
  • Paid in Full (eBook) Paid in Full (eBook) Take a journey back in time in this riveting account of Jesus' final hours. ($8.99)
  • The Gift of Forgiveness (eBook) The Gift of Forgiveness (eBook) Choose to forgive. Free yourself and spread freedom to those around you. ($2.99)
  • Redeemed From Shame (eBook) Redeemed From Shame (eBook) Regardless of the hurt, pain, lies, or disappointment in your past - you can be set free! ($2.99)
  • Do You Know What Time It Is? (eBook) Do You Know What Time It Is? (eBook) Get in step with God's purpose. Time is shorter than you think. ($3.99)

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